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Zvuková technika - Noise Control

RGW 112

The RGW 112 is a long throw 12″ w-bin in essence but with a twist. With the use of WAVE FRONT REFRACTION™ technology we have developed a box that delivers bass with the punch of a heavyweight
boxer but no longer suffers the honking 250-350Hz range that was so prominent in w-bins in the past.
The RGW 112 like the TMT 600 has been designed to be flown or ground stacked in array situations and will guarantee that even the furthest person in the room or field will receive the same quality of
bass as those at the front. The RGW 112 has a usable frequency range from 80hz-300khz. 1 x RGW 112 will give you 135dB maximum SPL @1w/1m.
If you couple 4 x RGW 112’s in an array you get 144dB maximum SPL @1w/1m.

a p p l i c a t i o n s
• open air live music concerts and festivals
p e rma n e n t i n s t a l l a t i o n s i n
• auditoriums
• theatres
• sports stadiums
• medium-large clubs
• places of worship

f e a t u r e s
• easy truck packing / click on wheelboards
• very quick, integrated I-Fly rigging system
• locks together, ground stacked or flown
• array capabilities ground stacked or flown
• unrivalled punch and clarity
• very high SPL capability
• NCA durable weather proof coating

Noise Control RGW112

Cena pronájmu

1500,- Kč/den bez DPH.