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Zvuková technika - Noise Control

WMD 1803

The WMD 1803 is a 1 x 18’’ extremely efficient long throw subwoofer, specifically designed for big indoor and outdoors venues. The 2.8m length of the horn gives it a huge amount of gain + beam and as
there are no parallel sides within the box we have eliminated ÔboomingÕ. Our WAVE FRONT REFRACTION“ ensures punchy, pure sub clarity. The WMD 1803 is designed to be used in pairs, as the boxes are not symmetrical on the inside. This means that a pair can be set up to be directional, or very directional. The more WMD 1803’s you have, the more efficient each one becomes. They also can be used in conjunction with VSB 218 to achieve the full sub spectrum. The WMD 1803 has a useable frequency range from 30Hz-125Hz.
1 x WMD 1803 will give you 107dB SPL @1w/1m. Maximum continuous SPL 137dB @1m.

• arenas
• festivals
• large night clubs
permanent installations in:
• large night clubs
• large band venues
• arenas
• band venues
• raves/dance
• auditoriums
• large places of worship

• trouser flapping high SPL at very
low frequencies
• wavefront refraction technology“
• lots of handles
• built-in wheels
• long throw/directional
• textured water resistant
Noise Control Green coating

WMD1803 Noise Control

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